66 thousand ‘a’ lemon

A festival is held every year and placed a lemon during his speech. Photo: File

Recently unprecedented event happened in India when he sold a lemon 39 thousand Indian rupees (about 66 thousand Pakistani rupees).

The Times of India reported that the bid of the Temple uylupurm lemon in a district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu (Villupuram). The person who sold it to the highest bidder. This temple is blathndyuthapany (Balathandayuthapani).

In fact, there is a festival held every year .During the bid is a lemon. It grows on a lemon tree in the temple. Is known about this tree that was planted in my wooden spear Hindu god cock (Muruga). Therefore hy.hnduwn considered too sacred for being a lemon on the lemon is also known that this person will bring prosperity to the house will be in his house and he will be my son.This year amruty Jaya Rama and his wife have made the highest bid and buy from the manufacturer lemon lya.yh house of the area. This year there were nine lemon tree. The remaining eight were sold relatively cheap because of the Lemon special benefits according to Hindu belief. Sale of all nine lymuwn temple this year 57 thousand 722 Indian rupees (nearly one million Pakistani rupees) income

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