Chinese Girl’s Offer to Girl Girl With 25 iPhone X

China Ming offered a wedding after giving his girlfriend 25 iPhone X gifts. Photos: ET Castes
Beijing: China’s video game designer offered a marriage to his girlfriend, not giving him a couple but a whole 25 iphone x, and seeing them, the girl has made it uninterrupted.
China Ming belongs to Shenzhen province of China, which has presented 25 iPhone decorated in the heart and expressed the desire to marry the girl on which she has agreed in happiness.
On November 3, the iPhone X sales started in China and on the same day, China Ming organized 25 phones and appeals the phone in a heart condition and scattered red roses on it, while keeping the ring finger in the middle. After that he requested his girlfriend’s friends to come to this place and said that the entire matter should be kept hidden from it.When his girlfriend arrived there, China Ming stood up with knees and presented them a ring ring and they got married. Both of them met two years ago and perhaps the number of phones shows the age of the girl. Now it is not known what this pair will do with these 25 expensive phones. It seems that these phones may be delivered to nearby friends.
This strange incident on Chinese social media is hot and interesting comments are coming on. It is believed that China Meng has spent at least 32 lakhs in buying so many iPhone Xs. People have said that a valuable vehicle could be purchased from these money.
China Meng is happy to accept the wedding offer from his girlfriend and is greeting people.

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