Do you know the secret behind lock tiny holes located?

People use locks to protect their shops for the day and things. (Photo: File)

Karachi:  Say Anything done under any cause everything is not in vain, but today things prgurnhyn fails due to human activities. Human activities have increased in the current period but if the man himself has become machine This machine will be wrong.

In this situation where you do not get the opportunity to reflect on the things around to his men hidden and little time to consider things. Here’s an article about some unnecessary things kyastamalat virtue.

Locks tiny holes located:

Slowly the idea grew stronger, he began to reflect on the human security of your things to stay that way with ‘locks’ that exist. Lock is one of the important needs of man. People use the ‘lock’ daily To protect their shops and things. However, we believe that people who use the locks will not hrgzuaqf of little holes in it. This is actually a small hole located on the locks to avoid damage to the locks. Locks are usually out on the shop’s moves to lock in water due to rain and corroded locks. Also gym locks are often due to snowfall in the West Do not show the performance. The lock can work with the oil so that it is inserted in the lock through the hole the water is out of the lock.

The raised edge of the bobby pin:


Women are used for different hyyrastayl bobby pin, the pin Bobby emerged from huyyknarun hardly knows. In the old days there were no rising edge of bobby pins and hyyrastayl bnatyuqt often lead to problems that were, in the women’s pierced his head. However, given painlessly pin edge due to their bulges are looking hair easily.

The disc covering of plastic bottles:

Plastic bottles are commonly used are aware of the exact cause of the plastic disk covering them bottles but is placed in covering this disc that you know why. In fact, the ‘work’ cell ‘for a drink or water bottle and helps keep the disc inside the beverage bottle.

Additional fabric presence in new clothes:

When you buy new clothes is always extra clothing with them.

Ezequiel full of holes:

You often have to see whether wood or steel scale is always a small hole on the side prchuta. This hole is actually to scale To be hanging with nail on the wall.

The tiny holes on the smartphone:

Adheres to the back of the camera in the smartphone small dot (holes) is present, but they understand that it worked dot. This dot is the microphone. When using mobile work back camera is recording the sound of the microphone.

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