During the flight she was hiding her husband, plane makes emergency landing

Opened the way for her sleeping husband’s mobile phone to read its messages. Photo: File

Chennai:  Flight dnayy this beautiful woman has the same plane on the exposure of her husband’s betrayal and emergency aircraft to take off as the value increases.

According to foreign media were taken off the Indonesian island of Bali Indian city of Chennai-bound Qatar Airways passenger flight from Doha, Qatar between spouses.

Iranian family was aboard the plane. During the trip she laid a finger on her cell phone submerged in sleep, opened the lock. The woman unfaithful husband read the messages were fiery and sleeping husband to pick up the crew and bnadaly the smashing of hundreds of passengers.

Some passengers tried to calm the woman to explain quenching and temper but also was taken. Iranian woman gave root to mediate offering to passengers.

Caused so much commotion that the plane had to fly emergency in Chennai and woman, husband and a baby was left by the departing plane Bali. Iranian woman was drinking alcohol during the flight and was drunk, according to media reports.

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