Egyptian husband badly costly discipleship for women

My husband is also washing himself from cooking utensils and clothes and I like a guest house, an Egyptian woman. Photo: File

Cairo:  Egyptian woman of the house by the husband himself had demanded divorce 2 weeks after the wedding.

It really comes rarely see men helpers involved in household tasks, but certainly focused his hand in the workings of her husband at home is the dream of every woman and you find a spouse no female pleasure Unlike in Egypt, however, remains the destination for women seeking a divorce from her husband to work home.

Have filed a petition in the court’s 28-year-old Egyptian woman Summer Cairo’s husband that he was not at all to the work of the house, I’m like a guest in the house, I used to work at home but because of this behavior, I still hate my husband.That our marriage was only 2 weeks when my husband also make the meal she said in the petition.

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