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A scene of death goddess in Mexico. Photos: Bishkek Audit Center
Mexico: A new religion is growing rapidly in Mexico and Central America, in which people worship Saint Morte’s death and now the number of priests has exceeded one million.
In the recent years, the role of this strange religious ritual, the goddess of the Taqi civilization, is a mucuscot, which is also known to be the death god, which is now known as Sena Munde. Every year, its festival is celebrated in August, with which Santa Marta is offered in a lady’s structure, instead of mucacacious, and people pick it up and patrol the streets.

Those who believe him say death is the only thing that makes justice with each and the goddess of death instead of the supreme head, fulfills their wishes by bringing them happiness. In addition, it is also considered as a symbol of security, health and economic prosperity.

In the midst of Saint Mota, the survivors worship death really and they say that fear of death keeps going on. On the other hand, this type of thought has been condemned by the Christian circles and has declared it against their religion. In a news of the Catholic News Agency, it was considered a sacred and cruel way.
But on the other hand the reputation of this religion is increasing and its popularity is growing in the poor and ignored sections of society.