Pakistani boy full of swinging his neck completely

Mohammad Samir is able to turn his neck back to the 180-degree angle and see back. Photos: Courtesy of Daily Mail
KARACHI: Pakistani teenagers stand on the same side of the direction of Muhammad Samirak, and can completely turn his neck on a 180-degree angle in the opposite direction.

KARACHI: The teenage boy of Karachi can surprise everyone by turning his head with the help of his hands, Mohammad Samir wishes he should work in Hollywood’s horror movies due to his own ability.Samir says that in six or seven years old, he saw a movie horror movie and since then he started trying to rotate his neck continuously, he still practices it everyday, but in his neck The pre-elasticity was present, but in a few months he was convinced to turn his neck completely.His parents were very upset with Samir’s madness and feared that he could not hurt his neck sometime, but Samir told them that he had the potential to turn naturally into his neck. Mohammad Samir Khan is the only child of his parents, and his father Sajjad Khan was employed in a textile factory that he had a heart attack twice a year at the age of 49, after which he was unable to work. Thus, the comfort of the house is also on Samir’s ears.

Samir is part of a dance group with eight boys and this group’s name is “Dengzar Boys”. Samir is worth Rs 800 to 1400 in Heresha from his art and thus brings home from 14000 to 17000 a month. He spends his parents and four younger sisters. He wishes that his sisters should continue to study and they should not face financial problems.
Ashar Khan, the main dancer of the Rangers Boys, says that Samir is in abundance capabilities, as it moves the neck and shoulders into a stunning process.Samir says she keeps playing dance, gymnastics, and continuous practice, so that she can spend her own home and fulfill her dream, I am confident that I will definitely get the opportunity to work on the big screen.

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