Popularity in Vietnam “Bazar Baywahi”

The idea of a market was presented when its relationship ended with its love. Photos: Old Flame Facebook Page

Ha Noi: A place in the Vietnamese capital is increasingly popular, where people with broken heart are sold to sell goods and gifts related to their former loved ones.
The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis market was given to a young man when his relationship ended with his girlfriend and he founded the old flame. In February 2017 he kept the gift of his girlfriend here, including clothes, posts and other items.After that, a tent of the goods brought down, because they were suffering from seeing the things kept in the house after the failed love. Now there are different items in this market, each of which is priced at all. Some gifts and goods are kept in good condition and people are also buying different gifts instead of buying.

There were only 10 people sitting in this market who were selling their goods related to Hussein’s memories, but one month later, people started reaching goods and there was no fees for sitting here. If a item is sold, 30% of its money is required to pay to the administrators. For this, the Old Flame Facebook page is also built where people can register their goods in the market without faith.A board has also been set up in the market where people can write a message to their former friends, and they can get rid of their heart. But here sellers say they are not selling goods, but selling their memories.A buyer said that scarcity, books and private directories are also selling in this market. According to them, these private directories are personalized goods between the two and they are not right to sell for a few money.
However, according to the organizers, this market provides a kind of treatment for those who love the lovers of goods so that they can get into trouble. Now in the next phase, such a market will be set up in the Vietnam capital of Ho Chi Minh

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