The elephant was chained in chains of up to 50 years

lack of food he was eating elephant cricket plastic and garbage for several years, Photos Social Media

An organization working for animal rights in the United Kingdom may have freed the chained elephant in chains for 50 years in India.

Elephant dandruff is considered the largest animal that Antiquity has given them special training for this is to be used for different tasks, some elephants them are like Mahout of her children when some giant is out with a statement that the treated animals, a foreign team for the last 50 years there was an elephant only had to face worse treatment on the field.

Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was an elephant mahout kept bound in chains of 50 years, but only the extremely worse with her.

Freed the elephant was called to say Raju. 51 years old almost before the liberation of Raju, 27 people buy, and the beach, owner Raju getting work done throughout the day, but not if it is to eat your fill, nor it was not proper rest, diet due to the fire was put out plastic garbage and eat stomach for several years. Raju legs had been bound were so tight they were sunk in the skin.

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