The neighbors living on Mars Young claims before birth

The pyramids are buried many important secrets of the land in Egypt burska added. Photos: Daily Mail

Moscow:  a young Russia has claimed that he lived on Mars before the birth and rise of the ground.

20-year-old Russian boy burska claimed that they flood the boy from the gap when a resident of Mars have puzzled scientists, burska parents a few months after birth is claimed I had to start was surprising was that information about their child’s alien civilizations who said he was not surprised that he ever.Burska parents said that 2 years of writing age, reading and photos sent doctors also was surprised when burska say that the aliens live on Mars in the distant past Mars was destroyed by a nuclear explosion almost 7 feet long and just under the soil of Mars, plus they breathe out carbon dioxide.Russian boy who travels between the claim that they are immortal and after 35 ends the process of their aging, in addition, they are also the best in technology and stars and several spacecraft I was on the ground. The pyramids are buried many important secrets of the land in Egypt that human life would change if you opened the sphinx, the sphinx’s ear behind the open method burska said that I do not remember.

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